Our Story

The Story of Ethos MADE

We are Luke and Erwin, your BOUGIE fragrance friends behind Ethos MADE!
We met in 2015, while travelling around the world on cruise ships, as performers in the theatre (Erwin's a singer, Luke's a dancer!)
Things were going great until the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020...
Having meant to be in China, we were sent home for what we thought would be a couple of weeks... little did we know!

We have ALWAYS loved home fragrance products, but we were getting frustrated with the *not mentioning brands or shops* products, as they weren't burning the whole way down, and we were convinced the fragrance was just loaded into the top!
Erwin said one lockdown day, "I bet I could do that," and so, our first candle was made!

Over a year on and we have been OVERWHELMED with your support and LOVE for our products! We have been featured in magazines such as 'Beautifully British' and most recently 'The Times'!!!

Our business has grown and expanded and we now have a third business partner, Heidi, to help fulfil the UK operations!

So here is our promise to you:
By supporting us and buying our products, you will ALWAYS get the LUXURY you deserve. All our products will ALWAYS be eco friendly, sustainable and non-toxic, but they will ALWAYS be the highest QUALITY, lasting and smelling BOUGIE!

Lots of love, and happy shopping,
Luke, Erwin and Heidi x